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ro's designer chose denims of varying weights for different collections, with the purpose of thoroughly showcasing each textile's unique texture and characteristics. 

 *showcase at Eslite Hysan Store


Q.: Occasionally one would hear denim jeans characterized using ounces (oz.), but what does this number represent?

A.: It is the weight of 1 square yard of textile, so the higher the number, the heavier and thicker the denim. 


Lightweight denim | Under 12 oz : light and portable, best-suited for summer
Mid-weight denim | 12-16 oz : most common and versatile, suitable for all seasons
Heavyweight denim | Over 16 oz : cherished among denim enthusiasts, thick and durable, best-suited for winter
#SAVANNA Collection Lightweight denim | 6.7 oz
#INDIGO G Surplus Mid-weight denim | 12.5 oz
#INDIGO Stanton Tote Heavyweight denim | 22.5 oz
#robags | | #DENIMHOLIC

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