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Gusset collection

The Eileen series

Elegantly efficient uniting the framing of the bag in a single, bold, seam.

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A new conversation starter to pair with all your looks. Inspired by Palladian architecture which finds its strength in symmetry and style, every piece of leather in this bag finds a home through beautifully considered and clever placements.

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Palladian collection

The Vitre collection

The Vitre collection

When less becomes more -- and more impactful.
The Vitre quilted design is distilled into its most elemental, making it an eye-catching bag that can be spotted from miles away.

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Vitre collection

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Head of content at Pinterest

"a beautiful shape, it’s a conversation piece for its function and design, a personal low-key go-tos”


"Good looking bags in good conscience"

The Wall Street Journal

"savvy customers are seeking anonymity and accessibility. Here, how the sub-$350 purse came to reign"


"Timeless modern, acclaimed designer Mary Ping brings her thoughtful approach to craftmanship"


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